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Beauty with Toni

Introducing Toni, a dedicated beauty professional specialising in lash extensions, LVL lash extensions, brow lamination, waxing, and more in Lingfield. With nearly a decade of industry experience, Toni takes immense joy in helping clients look and feel their absolute best.

Whether aiming for subtly enhanced natural lashes or a breathtaking wow-factor, Toni has got it covered! Recently transitioning from working mobile, Toni is thrilled to offer lash expertise to the Lingfield community at The Therapy Barn & Studio.

Explore Toni's lash extension services tailored to preferences:

Classic Lashes: Perfect for those desiring a timeless and natural look, Classic Lashes provide a single extension applied to each natural lash, enhancing eyes with a subtle and elegant finish.

Hybrid Lashes: Blending the best of both worlds, Hybrid Lashes combine the natural appearance of Classic Lashes with the added fullness and texture of Volume Lashes, achieving a versatile and eye-catching result.

Volume Lashes: Ideal for those craving extra volume and drama, Volume Lashes involve the application of multiple lightweight extensions to each natural lash, resulting in a lush, voluminous look perfect for special occasions or daily glamour.

Mega Lashes: For the ultimate statement and maximum volume, Mega Lashes are the go-to choice. This advanced technique involves attaching even more extensions to each natural lash, creating a bold, dramatic, and unforgettable lash line.

Toni is also pleased to offer LVL lash lifts, brow lamination, and waxing services to cater to all your beauty needs. Toni is always delighted to provide personalised advice and work with clients to achieve the look they desire.


Book your appointment now and let Toni enhance your natural beauty!

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