5 Reasons why you should be receiving regular Soft Tissue Therapy

1.) You’ll be preventing injury

Regular treatment means your therapist will get to know your body pretty well. They’ll learn your weaknesses and your strengths, and be able identify these imbalances within your body. With this identified, you can work on a plan to strengthen the areas that are weak, and alleviate those that are a little too strong, creating a much healthier balance. Aside from this, they’ll address any niggles that may have arisen between treatments. Niggles that are left, are often those that will turn into an injury, so it’s important to get them sorted, rather than ignoring them in the hope they’ll go away.

2.) You’ll feel better for it!

If you suffer from ongoing back or muscular pain, the chances are that regular soft tissue therapy will hugely reduce your pain levels. If the muscles and joints are kept healthy, you are far less likely to experience pain. Chronic (long-term) back pain is something that needs managing, and not ignoring until you can no longer go about your day to day. Plus, you’ll naturally benefit from another side effect of treatment - endorphins!

3.) You’ll trust your body more

If you know your muscles and joints are in good stead, you will be more confident in what you ask of your body. This might mean returning to exercise after an injury, increasing your weights at the gym, or pushing yourself that little bit further on a run. Whatever it might be, your body will become stronger, healthier and happier for it.

4.) It’s not just your body that will benefit!

Soft Tissue Therapy naturally promotes the release of endorphins in the brain (the happy hormones!), which in turn, reduces stress levels and improves mood. Most people report feeling relaxed and calm after receiving treatment.

5.) Everyone deserves some self-love

In this busy day and age, we are quick to preach the importance of self-care, but slow to practice it. As the saying goes, ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’, and this is why you should start by giving your mind and your body a break once a month. You’ll be less stressed, more productive, more positive and happier all round. It’s a no-brainer!

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