Office Posture & Text Neck!

Office-workers & serial phone-users, this one’s for you! 👆🏼👩🏼‍💻👨🏻‍💻📲 . Soft Tissue Release (STR) 💥 . Here, Sam demonstrates Soft Tissue Release on the pectorals which will help to open the chest and bring the shoulders back to a more neutral positioning. This will really help to improve posture, and is especially effective on office-workers, and for the ever increasing “text neck” 🤕 . A fantastically effective technique that is used to help release tightness within muscle tissue by restricting a portion of the muscle, and taking the attaching limb through it’s action and range of motion 💪🏼 . This movement creates an incredibly effective stretch through the tissue, resulting in a softer, happier muscle with a greater range of movement 😌 . BOOK NOW 👇🏼 📲 07427146797 📧 ⌨️ 🏡 The Therapy Barn, Lingfield . . #Softtissuerelease #pectoralstretch #posturefix #injuryrehab #textneck#officeworkposture #tipsforgoodposture #backpainrelief #sportstherapy#softtisueetherapy #sportsmassage #thetherapybarn #lingfield#lingfield

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