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Footcare By Elaine

Elaine Purt, a certified Foot Health Practitioner in Lingfield, offers comprehensive foot care services at The Therapy Barn every Wednesday. Prioritising mobility, balance, and overall well-being, Elaine's expertise encompasses nail trimming, callus and corn removal, ingrown toenail treatment, and fungal nail treatment for individuals of all ages and medical conditions.

During your initial visit, Elaine conducts a thorough medical history assessment and tailors a personalised treatment plan with your consent. Committed to providing top-notch care and professionalism, Elaine ensures each visit is comfortable and stress-free. With affordable rates starting at £40 for the first appointment and £35 for follow-ups, optimal foot health and comfort are easily within reach.

Don't let foot pain hinder your lifestyle. Schedule an appointment today to benefit from Elaine's expertise and achieve optimal foot health and comfort in Lingfield.

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