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Super Savvy Tattoos

Meet Savanna, Your Expert Tattoo Artist in Lingfield!

Savanna goes beyond being a tattoo artist; she's a visionary, transforming your tattoo ideas into breathtaking realities! With an unwavering passion for ink and unmatched creativity, Savanna is your premier choice for personalised and stunning tattoos.

Why Choose Savanna?
As a recently certified medical tattoo artist, Savanna specialises in intricate 3D areola and nipple tattoos using medical micropigmentation. It's not just about the art; it's about empowering and providing comfort to those seeking this unique form of tattooing.

When Can You Schedule?
Savanna offers appointments from Mondays to Saturdays, providing flexibility to fit into your busy schedule.

Explore Her Artistry!

Discover her captivating portfolio on Instagram: @supersavvytattoos. From traditional to contemporary, each piece tells a unique story.

Ready to bring your tattoo visions to life? Book your appointment with Savanna and embark on an ink adventure!

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